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Simple Description

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Detailed Description

Product Name:YT-2 apex locator

YT-2 apex locator (colored LCD,computer control mode)

This equipment is used for measuring tooth apex location(the root canal length) and testing whether the pulp caries is penetrated. Strictly scientific experiments shave proved it enjoys high accuracy and wide application.
1.    Two functions
1):  While widening the root canal, you can use this equipment to check if it is widen to the apex location area.
2):  While detecting the dental caries, you can use it to measure the thickness of dentine.Further more,it can help you to test whether pulp caries is penetrated or not.
2.    Colored LCD,Inner LI-ion rechargeable battery & Charger
Colored LCD makes you to view the test rusult better. With the inner battery and the additional charger in the package, it helps the dentist to operate much more easier, especially when going out for consultation.
3.    PC control
It displays the result by sound,light,data and simulation.
4.    Autoclavable, Infection avoiding
The accessories can be autoclavaed under the high temperature and high pressure. The unique flat hook makes patients feel more comfortable.
5.    Self-diagnosis function
Please connect the measutement electrodes together to trigger the self-check circuit, so as to guarantee the accuracy of the detection.

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Apex Locator

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