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Three-tub Melting Apparatus




Detailed Description

Description :

Detailed Product Description
Three-tub melting apparatus is mainly Dental equipment.

Three-tub Melting Apparatus is a new-style beauty instrument. The temperature is controlled by computer digital technique. It has the features of digital display temperature, and fastening constant temperature and dissolving beeswax rapidly. After beeswax being dissolved, it presents semi-fluidity state.

Applying it to skin, it’ll present close state, pressure action on skin and lubricant action of alimentation penetration by cooling concreting make skin soft and have flexibility, avoid producing wrinkles for the skin loosening excessively. Soften and relax scar tissue and tendon, improve alimentation of skin and make skin moist and extend, enhance strain. It can be applied to partial or whole nursing.


1. The liner adopts advanced electrochemical coating to dewax instantly.
2. It’s equipped with visual transparent window.
3. Streamline handler designed to prevent from dropping.
4. Digital control on temperature, dynamic display.
5. Constant temperature protective device.

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