Silicone 2, Putty
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Silicone 2, Putty




Simple Description

Certificated by CE.

Conforming to YY 0493-2004.

Composition: vinyl polysiloxane, silica, food class fillings, Pt catalyst.

The product has supreme restoration property, thixotropic property, shape stability, and hydrophilicity, with no offensive smell.

The silicone of addition type has two kinds-putty and wash which are both used clinically with one-step and two-step method impression process.

Detailed Description

Working time:Putty-1 min. and 30sec.Wash-1 min.

Consolidation time: Putty-<4 min. Wash-5 min.

Mixing time:30sec.

Max. compressive deformation: <1.0%

recovery of elasticity:>99.0%

Max. dimensional change: after 24h within 0.3% and after 336h within 0.3%.

Note: The working time is measured under room temperature at 23℃ and humidity at 50%.

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