SDHD-USB+AV Cam Digital Intra Oral Camera
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SDHD-USB+AV Cam Digital Intra Oral Camera




Simple Description

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Detailed Description


VIDEO&USB2.0Cam is a kind of our camera that can be also connected with TV screen and the computer for storing. You may choose one single image or four -part images at your convenience. Its chief feature is that it is equipped with Video&USB2.0 signal output.

SONY 1/4” high resolution 0.47M pixels sensor, realize unsurpassed image quality.

Come with professional CCD-Lens, produced by optical 7-layers coated glass lens, high light transmission, ensures to capture the most clear image instantaneously under all complex oral circumstances.

Powered by IMAGEPROF multi-function four-image processing device, 12bit image transmission design, restore original image.

Prompt compositive processing, come with Digital and Analog transmission types, after a mass of market survey, USB+AV and USB+VGA are popular combination types, display and save easily, promptly.

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