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SDHD-USB Cam Digital Intra Oral Camera




Simple Description

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Detailed Description

SDHD-USB Cam 1.3 Megapixel

1. Digital Intra-oral camera gives us the new operation comfortableness and convenient. Our SDHD-USB Cam (USB connector digital Inter-oral camera)successfully unifies the newest digitized technology and dynamic picture, then applies on the inside the oral camera. Convenient, comfortable, complete friendliness, it does not change your work method and guarantee your clinical operation to obtain a breakthrough. There is no one easier than this kind of intra-oral camera when operated. Just put camera USB( USB connector digital Inter-oral camera) connects any computer with USB, than using the dynamic picture searching function to find the propriate angle, and presses down the capture button to obtain an ideal picture. It is rapid and easy to operate. You needn’t to install any troublesome picture capture card.

2. Equipment including the following parts:
1) Need NOT FOCUS and obtain the perfect picture as necessary.
2) The specialized LED LIGHT, the color is similar to the sunlight, It is durable and can be serviced freely for life-long.
3) The weight is short to 100 grams handset, light weight can avoid the operator being weary, extremely easy for the operator to carry along.
4) The DOUBLE picture capture button of the handle can be operated on both side, which conforms to the different inspection of the upper and lower tooth.
5) In the handset has set at all the picture processing circuitry needed and with the computer connection, which completely does not need the picture capture card.
6) A standard USB2.0 connection segment, when connected with the computer, need not the picture capture card. Because the USB connection is the computer standard disposition, which can guarantee the widespread serviceability.
7) The advanced Hall magnetism to control the switch the handset support that causes the handset placing to be extremely convenient.

This kind of Intra oral Camera has the best image display. It only connects computer, matches with Handy driver and software. You can choose four-image and full screen image.

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