SD-ZN SF Ultrasonic Scaler
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SD-ZN SF Ultrasonic Scaler




Simple Description
We have gained expertise in providing our clients with ultrasonic scalers,our products are available in various sizes, shapes, designs and models at market leading prices to fulfill the demands and requirements of customers.

Detailed Description

Product Name:SD-ZN SF Ultrasonic Scaler

Model:SD-ZN SF

SD-ZN SF Ultrasonic Scaler

This is the newest product into the market in recent years.With the new attractive external shape, it has been improved for more fuctions to satisfy the markets.
1.  Digital circuit, Automatic frequency tracking, automatically adjustable output.

2.  Humanization Design
Two work states of pedal switch to facilitate the dentist’s operation.
1): Unlock mode.The scaler will start work util the footswitch is pressed.
2): Lock mode.Step the footswitch for once to start work, the scaler will still working after you release. Step the footswitch for another time to stop the work.

3.  Output power and working state will be displayed on the Colored LCD.

4.  Durable handpiece with titanium alloy material.
The handpiece is made of titanium alloy to extend its useful time

5.  Working conditions: 110-220V.

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