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SD-TMY-1 Anesthesia Equipment




Simple Description
Easy operation,Easy anaesthesia,Feel good,Relax for patients, easy for doctors .
Detailed Description

SD-TMY-1 ANAESTHESIA EQUIPMENT can make the injection more easily than the traditional way.

1, Easy operation:
You can hold the handle like taking a pen, which can not bring the muscle tiredness when using traditional method. The reason is both pervasion pressure and the pinhead propulsion is small, meanwhile the SD-TMY-1 control system make the drug’s speed stable instead of traditionally pressing with thumb to inject the drug. Following this way, it can make the anaesthesia more easy and accurate. With SD-TMY-1, it will make your injection as the easiest part of your daily work.

2, Easy anaesthesia:
For the traditional injection, we must press the pinhead to inject the drug with thumb, which can’t make an accurate movement, but SD-TMY-1 can realize it with the handle design. It makes the handle as its grab method, which can circumrotate to both sides to avoid the pinhead declining and make it work fast.

3, Feel good:
Handle design make a comfortable feeling for you. It can decrease the hand muscle tiredness by a long way even for the palate anaesthesia. SD-TMY-1 will make your in-jection without tiredness after a whole daily work.

4, Relax for patients, easy for doctors:
There will be pain during the traditional injection because of feeding the drug. Practice proves that SD-TMY-1 control system can make the injection painlessly, which is more comfortable two or three times than before. This painless anaesthesia can motivate the patient’ sactivity to face their problem. Relax for patients, and easy for doctors.

Simple is the principle of SD-TMY-1.

Upper is traditional way, which has declined obviously with pressing the pinhead with thumb; Lower is the novel double-circumrotate method, which can make the injection accurately.

For SD-TMY-1 control system, the drug will be following a constant speed. There has a pre-anaesthesia before injecting the anaesthetic, and cooperating with the circumrotating design, the anaesthetic will move on deeper and deeper which is controlled by SD-TMY-1 computer and then form a drug channel.

1, Place the drug tube into the handle cover.
2, Place the handle cover on the host computer perpendicularly, and contrarotate to tighten it.
3, Hold the handle and exhaust the air from the tube.
4, Place pinhead of the handle to tanget position and inject the drug which is controlled by the pedal.

Control system an drug transferring system

When insert the pinhead, drug transferring is controlled by the pedal.

For the traditional injection, the blocking effect is abated because of the needle’s inclined surface making it decline all the time.

For the handle design, you can circumrotate the needle whatever direction you want and adjust the needle’s inclined surface to avoid declining and reach the accurate position.

When insert the pinhead you can rotate in fore-and-after to change the inclined surface’s direction, which can avoid declining and reach the accurate position.

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Oral Anaesthetic Equipment

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