SD-KJZ Laser Instrument for Oral Cavity
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SD-KJZ Laser Instrument for Oral Cavity




Detailed Description

Product Name: SD-KJZ Laser Instrument for Oral Cavity
Model: SD-KJZ
SD-KJZ LASERINSTRUMENT FOR ORAL CAVITY, based on oral cavity characteristics, is mainly applied to pure gingivitis, dental caries, periodontitis, pericoronitis, pulpitis, root canal disinfection, flatness lichen in oral cavity and diseases of oral mucosa.
SD-KJZ LASERINSTRUMENT FOR ORAL CAVITY emits laser with wavelength of 1064nm, which can moderately run through human body and produce the right heat. By means of this type of laser with small energy the blood capillary in oral cavity can effectively be sealed off. The laser can also resolve and vary the protein of bacteria, playing a role of detumescence, hemostasis and bactericidal action. It can also kill some nerve cells in teeth, playing a role of desensitization.
1.     Dentin hypersensitive-ness
The sensitive tooth surface’s dentinal tubule is open, the Nd:YAG laser instantaneous produces high thermal effect causing the organic matter denaturation and inorganic substance fusing on the dentin surface, forming a glass type matter, sealing up dentinal tubule after the instantaneous coagulation, thus achieved the treatment goal.
Prompt supplement inorganic substance when the dentinal tubule fusing, it can better seal up the dentinal tubule and change dentin ultramicro surface texture, at the moment the laser illumination may strengthen desensitization forward effect, reduces dentinal tubule’s reopening opportunity because of friction or etching.
2.     Periodontitis
The laser can evaporate and vaporizate coat by illuminating hard organization’s surface to be clean. Not only can reduce the quantity of actinomycete, the gum bacillus, and so on, moreover can remove the inflammation granulation tissue at the bottom of the periodontal pocket.
First using the laser illumination, then going on gum scaling, the damage is slightly better to the elimination fang stimulator. The Nd:YAG laser illumination can’t remove the majority of fungi spot, the tooth stone, therefore cannot substitute the traditional gum scaling and fang-level up.
3.     Chronic apical periodontitis
The hard organization absorbs Nd:YAG laser easily, this enables it to become the first choice of lasers.
Chronic apical periodontitis, specially the root tip’s repeated infection forms the fistula, the root tip’s surrounded organization and the dental alveoli bone because of infection suffers the destruction, it makes difficult to the treat, often needs to treat many times with the conventional treatment, Nd:YAG laser can reduce the treatment course with the illumination, also the effect is good.
4.     Increase roughness on the surface
After the Nd:YAG laser illumination, the tooth surface changes unevenly, roughness changes in a big way, enhanced the contacted area between the tooth and the curing agent, therefore the cementing power improves in a big way, so the cementing is more better.
5.     Oral ulcer
The Nd:YAG laser has good acesodyne effect to the ROU, it can eliminate patient’s pain in the short time. Overcoming the traditional medicine partial treatment with the shortcoming which is interfered with the oral cavity environment, it can rapidly stop pain, accelerate the ulcer to heal, membrane organization, easily operated and safe.
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