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SD-GS K3 Ultrasonic Scaler




Simple Description
Our product is under the protection of a number of patents. We bet you as the user will keep being on the leading place in the market.
Detailed Description

1. An easy and agile manipulation brought by comfort tact of handling is important to the dentist. With our elaborate design, the real pen-type slim handle satisfies the dentist’s needs very well. With an outer diameter as small as 15mm, it is the slimmest handle so far as we know, which ensures the easy and handy operation.

2. Many dentists have been complaining that a time-consuming operation usually results in exhaustion since they have to lift their foot too much because the foot pedal switch is too thick. With our specially designed ultra-thin versatile pedal switch, the dentist can step on it from any direction. It’s convenient, handy, laborsaving, and makes you life easier. The details demonstrate our caring about our customer.

3. With ergonomic design, the whole unit has a rational structure, integrating easy operation together with stylish appearance. As a perfect combination of function and arts, it suits the needs of your clinical room so well.

4. Our everlasting technical pursuit ensures our great improvement, which is well demonstrated by our product. It has more stability and reliability and actually represents the highest level in China.

5. The external power supply makes sure more stability and reliability, without the defect of instability of the internal power supply. As the power transformer generates heat when working, the internal power supply may influence the stability of the electronic circuit, while the external power supply won’t. On the other hand, the external power supply is easier to be fixed or replaced in case of malfunction. If the power supply is internal, the user may complain the whole unit breaks down when the power supply has a problem, and the maintenance is more difficult.

6. The unit can even work in case of power failure, which ensures you can continue your work anytime at anyplace. Particularly in the area that is in shortage of power supply, what can we do if there is a power failure when the dentist is cleaning the teeth for the patients? Let the patient go and come next time? Charge the patient by 50% discount? We can help you out from this embarrassment! This function is particularly suitable for the rural market, because there are many dentists over there who don’t work at a fixed place.

7. Our product is under the protection of a number of patents. We bet you as the user will keep being on the leading place in the market.

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