SD-BL C7 Ultrasonic Scaler
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SD-BL C7 Ultrasonic Scaler




Simple Description
We have gained expertise in providing our clients with ultrasonic scalers,our products are available in various sizes, shapes, designs and models at market leading prices to fulfill the demands and requirements of customers.

Detailed Description

Product Name: SD-BL C7 Ultrasonic Scaler

Built-in scaler, special design for dental unit

Detachable handpiece
PC control
Automatic frequency tracking
Works steadily

Rate: 24V–50Hz/60Hz 1A
Net Weight: 0.40kg
Packing Dimensions: 188mmX154mmX60mm

1, Main unit(1pcs)
2, “O” circle(4pcs)
3, Potentiometer knob(1pcs)
4, Scaling tip(6pcs)
5, Handpiece(1pcs)
6, Torque Wrench(1pcs)
7, Cable(1pcs)
8, Wire and potentiometer(1pcs)

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