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Pure Titanium Casting Machine System




Detailed Description

Description :

Pure Titanium Casting Machine System
1.The separate mechanism and controlling parts make it be easy to install.
2.Using non-oil vacuum pump.
3.Controlled precilsely by PLC
4.When casting, using pressure, gravitation and centrifugal force simultaneously results in high successful rate.
5.Unique design for saving argon.
Advantages of Titanium:
1.Complete compatibility with biology
2.Low thermal conductivlty results in lower stimulant to teeth.
3.It can be used to make all kinds of restoration and implanted dental components.
4.Easy to combine with compound resin S
5.Tensile strengths; corrosion resistance; penetrated by x – ray; not any special odor.
6.It is easy to combine with metal and porcelain.
7.It can not be reacted with other metal inside the mouth.
8.Low density ( l / 4 of precious metal and 2/3 of cobalt-chrome alloy).
Main parameters:
1.Power: AC380V, 50Hz, 125KVA
2.Maximum casting: 40g

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