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Simple Description
Low speed handpiece-XB
Detailed Description
Dental low speed handpiece is composed of air motor, straight handpiece and geared angle handpiece. Joint between air motor and straight handpiece / geared angle handpiece adopts ISO3964 international standard, air motor and tube adopts ISO9168 international standard, they can join for use with any units of treatment following ISO international standard.

1. 0224 air motor
Technological parameters:
Rotation speed: About 20000r/min (adjustable between clockwise or anticlockwise)
Operational air pressure recommended 0.3mpa (value measured at motor in-let,air shall be dry and clean, and pressure shall be constant)
Cutting force: (torque)
Noise: ≤70dB
Air consumption: About 56 L/min
Weight : About 79g
Dimension: φ20×89

2. 043 straight handpiece
Technical parameters:
Speed: Max. 40000 rpm
Ratio: 1: 1
Weight: About 62g
Bur: Conforms ISO1797 and 6360-1 standards,diameter: 2.35mm,handle length: 30 mm,total bur length 44.5 mm.

3. 058E geared angle handpiece
Technical parameters:
Speed: Max. 40000 rpm
Ratio: 1: 1
Weight: About 62g
Bur: Diameter conforms ISO1797 standard and is 2.35mm,length conforms 6360-1standard and is 22 mm.

Notes for Use
1. Motor and straight handpiece / geared angle handpiece disassembling. Point the end of straight handpiece/ geared angle handpiece at the front tube of motor, push gently, until it reaches the very end and clicks. Handpiece is assembled. Press the “button” of the motor, pull straight handpiece/ geared angle handpiece gently, it will be disassembled. (Refers to figure 1)
1) Before operating low speed handpiece, pull straight handpiece/ geared angle handpiece with hand for securing reliable joint.
2) Don’t press motor button when low speed handpiece is in operation, lest handpiece head falls down and is damaged.

1) 2. Inverting function
1) Air motor rotation direction may be reverted. Turn reverting ring to right, motor rotates to right; Turn reverting ring to left, motor rotates to left; parking reverting ring at the middle, motor doesn’t rotate (refers to figure 2).
1) 3. Assembling and disassembling straight handpiece bur Turn teleflex along where the solid arrow points to, until it stops and clicks, now collet is loosened, and bur may be removed; Turn Teleflex along where the outlined arrow points to, until it stops and clicks, and collet is clamped;
1) No operating head in absences of bur, no inserting bur during head operation, no changing inverting ring during head operation. Any above actions may result in head damage or motor damage.

4. Assembling and disassembling geared angle handpiece bur
Geared angle handpiece bur is fastened by a fixing plate. Turn the plate to left and remove the bur (refers to figure 3); insert bur, and turn to proper position, turn the plate to right, bur is fastened (refers to figure 4). Pull the bur with your hand, insure that it is well fastened, then operate.
1) When using geared angle handpiece, plate and bur handle groove wears easily. Axial clearance increases after wearing, and result in unstable bur movement. In this case, the wore components shall be replaced with a new one. Cooling.
Low speed handpiece supplies water and air to working head through motor, and adopts fog cooling. Join motor muzzle and head muzzle with Genuine tube for cooling (referring to figure 5). In case of poor cooling, check the watercourse and see if it is blocked (in such case, needle shall be used for getting it through), or if water-regulating valve is good.
Lubricating Handpiece shall be often lubricated during operation: Lubricate before each disinfection, lubricate for at least two times a day by filling 2-3 drops of lubricants. Operate motor after lubrication, remove surplus lubricant, put straight handpiece (geared angle handpiece) upsidedown for a while for emptying lubricant in head, lest lubricant enters other part of motor (filling method refers to figure 6).
Use spirit dipped soft cloth for cleaning handpiece surface. No other solvent or detergent shall be used. No dipping the machine (head) into any solvent.
Steam under the temperature of 135 ℃ and pressure of 0.22 mpa for disinfection. Clean handpiece before disinfection, fill oil, put handpiece in disinfection bag and seal. Disinfection lasts for 15 minutes.
1) No dry, hot or chemical gas shall be used for disinfection.
2) Check handpiece after disinfection, and make certain that it is normal for use.

Any problems of quality, contact supplier or directly connect with our company.
No disassembling or repairing by yourself. Our company is not responsible for any problem therefore appeared.

Technological data, figure and dimension indicated in this instruction are only for reference. Manufacture takes no responsibility of these and reserves the right of improving the product and editing the instruction.

Quality Assurance
The company assures the quality of all products (except bearing), and promise to take the responsibility of problems over material and that appeared in processing within half a year, counting from invoice issuing day. During quality guarantee period, the company repair and replace component free of charge. Other damage shall not be included in quality assurance term, and the company will take no charge of the following:
——Over use
——Abnormal operation
——Install, operate or repair, violating instruction.
——Abnormal chemical, electric or electrolysis damage.
——Abnormal power supply(electricity, gas and water)

Customer operating incorrectly, repairing handpiece without authorization and resulting in damage, quality assurance is not available.

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