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HP Diamond (Coated) Dental Bur

HP Diamond (Coated) Dental Bur

HP Diamond (Coated) Dental Bur

HP Diamond burs, a complete range of HP 2.35 mm shank, Low speed

diamond burs for Laboratory use, suitable for HP Handpiece.

Diamond-coated dental burs are commonly used on patients, as well as

in dental laboratories. Dental burs are used for several purposes,

including the preparation of teeth cavities and, in many cases,

preparation of the teeth themselves for crown and bridgework and

partial dentures. Dental burs are also used extensively in the dental

laboratory for cutting, drilling, grinding, trimming and polishing of

various types of materials such as dentures and metal frameworks.
The burs are made by fixing hard diamond particles onto a substrate

surface using a binder matrix material. Dental burs are currently

specified by the dimensions of the bur head and the length of the

shaft. There is no specification for the grinding surface. In the case

of diamond coated burs in particular, there is no standardization of

the grit size or quality of the diamond particles used. The average

grit size of diamond particles can vary widely from 50-300µm.

Our company also can produce following burs:
Dental Coated Diamond Bur, Dental Lab Coated Diamond Bur, Dental

Coated Diamond Dental Bur. Dental drill,

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