HL-YMC4 Alginate Mixer
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HL-YMC4 Alginate Mixer




Detailed Description


Product name :  HL-YMC4 Alginate Mixer(Stepless speed regulation)

Performance index:

1.  Power supply: AC220V,50Hz;or AC 110V,60HZ

2.  Speed:According to your needs range from 0 to 300 rpm,speed controlled by the foot control, which allows you to further release your hands,    enjoy the driving pleasure, bring you to” fly” feeling;

3.  Timing alarm: set the working time 20 seconds, after 20 seconds warning lamp flashes, beeps, remind the user to use the impression material as soon as possible, avoid drying or coagulating;

4.  Overload shutdown: when the force caused the motor overload, it will automatically stop rotating after 3 seconds, then press the start button, start again;

5.  Gross weight: 3.0 Kg;

6.  Using the latest foot switch control. Similar to automobile accelerator;

7.  Adopt the large LCD display, which can bring vivid image, let you be full of wit and humour in operation

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