HL-YMC I Alginate Mixer
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HL-YMC I Alginate Mixer




Detailed Description


Product name :  HL-YMC I Alginate mixer

1. Scope of application:
The unit is used to mix alginate for making dentures model.

2. Main parameters of whole item:
①  Power supply: AC 220V±10%, 50 Hz±1Hz or AC 110V, 60Hz
②  Speed: low-speed: 120rpm, high-speed: 250rpm.
③  Regular alarm: After mixing 20S it will have beep sound and alarm light will flash to warn user using the alginate immediately, or it dries.
④  Stop working if overload: When the motor overloaded, the unit will stop working automatically after 3S, press Start key to working again.
⑤  Gross weight: 2.0 KG
⑥  Size: 280*230*230 mm

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