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Detailed Description

The high-speed dental drill ball bearings for the high-speed dental hand piece can rotate at the speed of 400,000 rpm, replaceable with the dental hand pieces produced in Japan, Germany and UK etc. At the normal working conditions, the clinical service life is no less than six months.

The high-speed dental drill ball bearing is a kind of precision micro bearing, thus the careful installation and use, meticulous operation and elaborate maintenance are needed, otherwise its performance and service life will be affected directly. For instance, the damage of ball and groove by the impulsive load during the assembly, bearing contamination and improper lubrication etc all will lead to the lower speed, higher vibration and noise, fracture of cage and shorter service life of the bearing.

With regard to the bearing installation, the interference fit of the shaft and bearing bore is preferred to be within 0-2цm. The roundness deviation of the shaft shall be less than 2цm. When the shaft is pressed into the bearing bore, the acting force shall be directly on the end face of inner ring. The force shall not pass through the ring raceway groove or the steel ball, otherwise the bearing precision will be damaged. After a pair of bearings are installed on the turbine, the bearing and the turbine shall be cleaned, then drop the lubricating oil. At the this moment, they can be mounted in the head (Never use the alcohol or acetone as the cleaning liquid). In order to ensure the high speed, after mounting in the head, apply some axial preload on the pair of bearings. The load is 1-2N. After the finish of installation, the shaft shall not have the axial moving. The rotation of the bearing shall be flexible. If the axial preload is too tight or loose, replace the washer or add or remove the gasket, so as to ensure the correct preload, in case of the revolution skidding or top-like rotation of steel ball at the high speed.

The maintenance of turbine head is very important for the normal working and long service life of the bearing. In the clinical use in the hospital, besides the daily disinfection, the daily cleaning and maintenance shall be done to the turbine head. Before the use, demount it and apply the cleaning liquid. Then mount it, and fix the drill bit by hand instead of rotating. Ventilate the compressed air for some seconds. Use it after the bearing is cleaned and lubricated by the compressed air.

Main parameters of dental drill turbo high-speed ball bearings

Model External dimensions Speed (rpm) Air pressure (MPa) Noise (dB)
d D B
S418FMCKHH 3.175 6.35/7.5 2.78 350000~400000 0.2~0.25 ≤70
S418FMCKH 3.175 6.35/7.5 2.78 350000~400000 0.2~0.25 ≤70
S418FMCKW 3.175 6.35/7.5 2.78 350000~400000 0.2~0.25 ≤70
S418MCKHH 3.175 6.35 2.78 350000~400000 0.2~0.25 ≤70
S418MCKH 3.175 6.35 2.78 350000~400000 0.2~0.25 ≤70
S418MCKK 3.175 6.35 2.78 350000~400000 0.2~0.25 ≤70
S418MCK 3.175 6.35 2.38 350000~400000 0.2~0.25 ≤70
C93KXA6 3.175 6.35/5.97 2.38 350000~400000 0.2~0.25 ≤70
PA-S03(Components) 3.175 6.35/5.97 2.78 350000~400000 0.2~0.25 ≤70

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