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Detailed Description

Description :

Detailed Product Description
Dust collector is mainly Dental Auxiliary Materilas.
Detailed Product Description

Dental Lab Equipment Dental Dust Collection Unit is a necessary dental lab equipment for cleaning in dental lab.

Xichen23 Dental Dust Collection Unit
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This unit is for dust extraction in dental labs.It can be used with sandblasters,lathes,grinders,and workstations.

The XICHEN23 Dental Dust Collection Unit is the latest product from Haide Medical in 2011.This kind of mobile cleaner is designed for technical workstation.What’s the most important is that ,if necessary,it can be used in other environment.Its features ultra-silent designs which eliminate noises from the motor,users can only hear the wind noise during suction,and the dust collector has higher vacuum power and remote controlable.And the unit can run for 24 hours continuously

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