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Digital Dental Sensor




Detailed Description


1.The sensor has been designed to further appreciate the shape of the oral cavity of the patient. Thanks to its rounded corners and smooth edges the patient’s comfort has been optimized while making the sensor positioning easier.

2.The embedded electronics of the system is so miniaturized that everything is located in the sensor case! There is no need
to find a place for the controller box on your work space.With hot plug & play technology, you just need to plug the USB connector in your computer: you are now ready to take an X-ray. Sometimes less is more!

3.With a theoretical resolution of 26.3 lp/mm coupled with a CMOS technology and a scintillator the image is exceptionally sharp
with great clarity.

4.The sensor operates in USB 2.0 full speed mode.The high resolution image will instantaneously appear on your computer screen.

5.sensor holder for free


external dimension: 36.72mm*24.35mm

sensor technology: CMOS

theoretical resolution: 26.3lp/mm
real resolution: >20lp/mm
pixel size: 19um
active surface 30.02mm*19.95mm
sensor cable length: 3meters
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