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Simple Description
Tongue & Check Shield

The work tip has built-in fiexble tongue and cheek protection. The tongue and cheek shield is specifically designed to creat both a perceived and actual safe-zone for the patient’s tongue. Now you can work behind the most posterior maxillary molar without injuring the cheek or the tongue.

Ejector Saliva And Water And Total Dry Field Isolation

The unique design of the work tip provides a non-impinging seal, enabling you to illuminate and aspirate the mouth from deep within the oral cavity. Which eliminates the need for cotton rolls, dri angles or a rubber dam. Provides continuous eliminates of debris and oral fluids. The vacuum tube can quickly attache to you chairside, high-speed evacuator port. And suction can be controled.
Detailed Description

Description :

Four in one
1. Dental lighting: provides shadowless lighting from inside the mouth.
2. Saliva ejector: evacuates fluids and fine particles. Maintaining a dry work area.
3. Isolate device: Isolates and protects the tongue and cheek area, let patients to be more securely and relaxed.
4. Bite block: let patients to bite comfortably for maintaining an open field.

There are 2 kinds of mouthpiece available:

One is durable and autoclavable with 135℃ and high pressure, or sterilized by alcohol.

The other one is disposable, 10pcs included for one ejector without charge.

All mouthpiece are with same size.

Main Technical Parameters:

1. Power consumption ≤40 W

2. Power source: AC 110 or 220  V    frequency: 50/60 Hz

3. Cold light source: halogen lamp: dia.35 mm,12 V, 30 W

4、fuse: 0.3 A / 250 V

5、Fiber optical bundle:dia.4.5 X 1700 mm

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