BLX-8Portable Wireless Digital Dental X-ray Machine
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BLX-8Portable Wireless Digital Dental X-ray Machine




Detailed Description

1, No protective operation room is needed when installing the complete machine;
2, Flexible adjustment the position and angle of hand piece, simple and easy to handle;
3, Develop dental film in daylight, no darkroom needed;
4, Compace in volume, light in weight, convenient for carrying;
5, Time is adjustable, high contrast of picture, imaging in focus;
6, Can be used with sensor;
7, Radiation leakage is in accordance with international standard(IEC601-1-3.1993)

Power(V): 24V 8000MA
Charger: 220V/110V 50Hz
Tube Voltage: 70KV
Tube Current: 0.1MA
Rated Power: 60W
Frequency: 30KHz
Weight: 2.2KG
Time of Exposure: 1-9S
Environmental Temperature: 5-40℃
Radiation Leakage: <20μgy/h
Relative Humidity: <80%

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