BLX-5 Portable Low Dose Dental X-Ray Unit
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BLX-5 Portable Low Dose Dental X-Ray Unit




Detailed Description

In the following technical parameters within we can clearly see that my company’s product range of X-ray attenuation  a distance. 2 m and 24 degree angle on the thought that no ray detection. Figure Ray is in a context of the volume ray on the base is diminishing.
X-ray imaging principles issued after a human different organizations will have different X-ray attenuation, attenuation of this last gray levels is not the same ray photosensitive materials (films teeth), we need to form a black-and-white images. After after developing and fixing, what we need out of the photo studio films like the teeth for our daily inspection, diagnosis, treatment done reference.

Technical parameters E
1) 220V power supply voltage of plus or minus 10% of Pathology
2) rated 60W
Mainframe exterior size 280 * 200 * 80MM
Ball-2009140 * Spiral (excluding Canada longituba)
Weight 2.2kg mainframe
Ball pounds
Temperature 5-40 degrees
Relative Humidity <80%
Exposure time 0.2-0.5S
Set-up time of 0.1-9.9S

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