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Amalgam Capsules
YDA-I and YDA-II are high compressive strength alloys, YDA-I contains 45%Ag and YDA-II contains 70%Ag. Both of them have no Zinc, no Gamma II and minimize the risk of fracturing the restoration. The high quality ensures a tough, durable and long lasting restoration and the sufficient condensation enables the easy way of packing.
(1) YDA-I: 45% Ag, 30% Cu, 25% Sn.
(2) YDA-II: 70% Ag, 5% Cu, 25% Sn.
Particle: irregular shapes
Available in four types:
200mg (white cap)
400mg (yellow cap)
600mg (blue cap)
800mg (red cap)
Package: 50 capsules in a box
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