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Air Prophy Jet




Simple Description

Product: Air Prophy Jet

M4/B2 (M4: 4 holes; B2: 2 holes) are available.


Technical Parameter:

1. Connect type: ISO9168 standard M4/B2;

2. Hydraulic pressure: 0.3Mpa – 0.4 Mpa;

3. Air pressure: 0.3Mpa – 0.4 Mpa;

4. Water jet capacity: 30ml/min;

5. Sand jet capacity: 1.5g/min – 3.5g/min.

Intended use:

This product is intended to remove dental plaque, stain and discoloration from tooth surface.


1. The compact handpiece form allows easy movement between dental units and takes up little space for storage.

2. The quick discount systems permit easy replacement with turbines and immediate use. No need for cumbersome installation and allows easy integration into your treatment systems.

3. The contra angle head rotates 360℃, allowing excellent access to all areas.

4. The detachable head allows easy maintenance in case of powder cogging.

5. Driven by compressed air and water from the dental unit, polisher neither affects other devices is nor affected by electromagnetic waves.

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