Air Motor B2 for Low Speed Handpiece
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Air Motor B2 for Low Speed Handpiece





Detailed Description

Product Name: Air Motor B2


Mode PM-LOW01 M
Pressure 245-313Kpa(2.2kgf/cm2)
Move Mode compress air
Connector 2/4 holes
rotate speed 5,000-25,000 RPM
Features ■ CE certification from TUV Rheinland(CE0197)
■ Rotate speed is balanced with low noise
■ The rotate function with positive and negative
■ Novel outline design, beautiful and elegant
■ Flume intall outside to achieve the spraying and cooling
■ Single check valve install inside that prevent drag up,
   Healthy machine head system
■ Sterilization can be done with high-temperature and
   high-pressure repeatedly.

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